What is Noise Village?

Noise Village is a movement that wants to serve and equip the church. Our desire is expressed in a three folded vision.

We want to inspire and equip every single believer to walk in their new identity in Christ. As royal sons and daughters of the King of Kings. We hope to help and long to see many believers fully experience the beauty and reality of being a new creation in Him. To let go of the old and embrace the newness of life that He has given us.

We want to be a part of releasing the church from being locked in physical formats into being the fullness of Him that fills all in all. What do we mean? We mean that we long to see the church function as the body of Christ wherever a believer is represented. To manifest Christ within us in every working place, in every home, in every university, etc. To be the church is to be like Jesus. He is the head of the body that we together form. We wish to not hold peoples sin against them, but where sin abounds that we let grace abound even more. That we would love unconditionally, heal the sick and let everyone know that the kingdom of God is at hand.

We long to raise worshipers. People who not only raise their hands in a worship service but also with their very lives worship Him. That have found the beauty and freedom of surrender and wish to hold nothing back. To worship is to return to the place of first love, where we have nothing to give but ourselves and we give ourselves up to Him just as He’s given Himself completely to us. Yes, it is foolishness in the eyes of the world and the only motivator strong enough to give your “self” up is love. A love stronger than death. We long to surrender at the altar of first love, because the altar of first love alters everything.

Noise Village gives out resources in the form of music, teaching, videos, and testimonies. They arrange “Noise Village Live”, which are worship nights where they invite believers from all different streams and denominations in the body of Christ. They also visit and serve local churches.

Noise Village is also a community of believers that gathers every week to encourage and strengthen each other to grow up in Him. Our emphasis will always be on knowing Him and to inspire each believer to go after Christ and have a living and vibrant relationship with Him.

Noise Village is founded and lead by Johan Åsgärde.

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