Some years ago I had the privilege to be a part of Reunion.

4 beautiful days under the Tennessee sky outside of Nashville filled with worship, creativity and beautiful people. One of the songs that touched me the most was “Known and loved”. I’ve been singing it to myself countless times since then. I really do believe this is a song we need to embrace and sing as our own. It’s message will help establish us in Gods perfect love that casts out all fear. Listen to this song and let these beautiful words become your own.

To be fully known and perfectly loved means an end to all striving. It is to return, it is to come home and to a belonging. It’s the end of the fear of rejection that keeps us apart from each other and from God.

Father, You know all about me; from every strain of hair on my head to all of my innermost feelings, thoughts and the reasons for my actions. I am perfectly loved. As I was when I came into this world, where I am today and as I will be when I leave this world, I am loved, perfectly loved. My life began long before I took form. My Father wanted me and designated me according to His purpose. Even before I was lost I was found in Him. For the lamb of God stood ready before the ages to give His life to reconcile all of creation to God. To bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth through Jesus. Yes, we were predestined for adoption to sonship in God. Every son and daughter were to have the full legal standing as a son in the family of God.

We favour religion, we favour achievement. By self denial, hard work, the gaining of wisdom, trying to fulfill the law, by good ethics and behavior we try to earn our way to salvation. Jesus is different, oh He is so different. He came and in His body fulfilled the demands that was on every human being. Where we fail, He succeeds. Where there is a lack, He overflows. He tells us a story of a son who grew up in his fathers house. He left the comfort, love and wealth in his home and went out on a journey to a faraway land to pursue his own life. Later, when the son returned, the Father runs to meet him. The Father restored everything to him that he had before he left his home. Everything! It was as if he had never been gone.

Child, come back home again – come home! Your Father is waiting for you with arms open wide. You are known and you are loved.

Written by David Brymer(ASCAP), Freddy Washington (ASCAP), Matt Papa (ASCAP)
© 2017 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Innerland (ASCAP), WholeHeart (ASCAP), Love Your Enemies Publishing (ASCAP) (admin by
We’ve been hiding in the shadows
Lost and afraid of you
We’ve been wandering in the darkness
But if we only knew
We are known and loved
Known and loved
We are known and loved by you
You’ve been waiting to show us mercy
Your presence is our home
We’re your children, loved forever
Now every fear is gone
There is no fear anymore
Cause all that’s left is mercy
There is no fear in your love
You’re the God of mercy
There is no fear anymore
Cause all that’s left is mercy
There is no fear in your love
In your love