Being in Christ Jesus is being ‘all in’ as we hear being said as an expression for instance, as someone begins a new venture in life.
But, this is so much more – it is life changing and life altering as I am making the greatest of all exchanges that can ever take place. His life for my life. The God kind of life instead of my self life, becoming a new creation and leaving something old and tattered behind.

Christ Jesus is the very image of God the Father, and in Him I am restored to the image that once was lost. My spirit man needed to be restored so God once again could come and live His Life in a persons spirit. Oh, such mystery, that He who holds the Universe in His care now abides in me?! How is that even possible I ask myself at times; and tears fill my eyes as the realization of this being a fact simply and utterly overwhelms my heart.

In that moment I have no words to say; I must let the tears speak for themselves and let silence which can speak loudly be my voice and my words.

Yes, I am All In Him who suffered and died for me, and who in my place took upon Himself sin and death just because the Father has loved me from eternity and could not bear the thought of loosing me forever! How can Love be so wildly ‘in love’ with humanity that it would take and absorb into Himself the very obstacle standing in its way?

I must be as willing as He was. Dying to myself for His sake and for His life to become the life I now live. Substituting and laying down my own activities for His resurrection to take place.

Yes, I am all in – Jesus, your grace is sufficient in and for all things.

Ingalill Vaim for NoiseVillage